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Pools are a great addition to any home and provide fun and relaxing way for your family to cool off when temperatures are high. However, it is important that the pool area remains a safe environment at all times. Don’t let fear take away from your enjoyment of your swimming pool. Pool Alarms are a great extra layer of protection and provide peace of mind so that you can get back to enjoying your pool. Pool Patrol floating pool alarms can provide audible protection to just about any pool shape or size, and are a must for your backyard oasis.

The Pool Patrol Pool Alarm is designed to sound when a person or pet falls into the pool. It’s reliable wave detecting technology was built to protect loved ones and keep your pool a safe and enjoyable part of your home. Our products are tested and approved and meets the requirements of ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) Safety Specification F 2208 for home safety products. Our pool alarms are not meant to replace any other safety considerations; such as adult supervision, lifeguards, fences, gates, gate alarms, pool covers, locks, and so forth. The Pool Patrol Alarm is intended to be an additional layer of security to protect your children and alert of any accidents or danger, if you happen to not be close by. The Pool Patrol Alarm may not detect gradual entry.

It is important to spend sufficient time in becoming familiar with the operation of your Pool Patrol Alarms and to properly test the unit ensuring that it adequately covers all areas of the pool for the person(s) or pet(s) you wish to protect.

Features of pool alarms

Swimming Pool Alarm Benefits

The Pool Patrol floating pool alarm provides priceless peace of mind and an extra layer of security for your in ground or above ground pool. Unlike many other pool side pool alarms, the Pool Patrol swimming pool alarm requires no modifications to your pool deck or the side of your pool. Simply place the battery in the floating unit, adjust the sensitivity settings, and place in pool. It is important to note that the shipping process may negatively affect the calibration of your unit, so adjusting the sensitivity prior to deploying the floating pool alarm is essential. Once placed in the swimming pool, the Pool Patrol will sound an alarm for any object at least 15 lbs., depending on your sensitivity settings. Additionally, certain weather such as high winds or heavy rain can result in false alarms, so simply reduce the sensitivity on your pool alarm. The battery life in the pool alarm is designed to last an entire season under normal operation, although frequent false alarms may reduce this lifespan. If the alarm does happen to trigger, simply tilt your floating pool alarm 90 degrees to deactivate.

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