Wireless Gate & Door Alarm

The safety of your home and family is our top priority. That’s why we designed our pool safety products to warn you of any unexpected happenings that are out of your sight or hearing distance. Our gate alarms will alert you when your child enters the pool area without proper supervision or an intruder tries to get in at night. We designed the Pool Patrol gate alarm to be a reliable easy to use additional layer of protection and safety.

The Pool Patrol Gate & Door Alarm is a wireless door/gate monitor that detects entry into your pool or spa area. The GA-30 is intended to warn homeowners of potential unauthorized intrusions into unsupervised areas of their home and yard.

The wireless door alarm is activated via magnetic sensors. The GA-30 sounds an alarm at the point of entry and also transmits an alarm to a remote receiver that may be placed as far away as 200 feet from the alarm. It is equipped with a reset button to allow a six second pass through without sounding the alarm. The alarm comes complete with all the necessary mounting hardware for installation.

Wireless Door Alarm Accessories & Features

Pool patrol gate alarms are not a substitute for constant parental supervision. Our products provide an extra layer of safety to protect your home and your family. It is important to spend sufficient time in becoming familiar with the operation of your wireless door alarm and to properly test the unit regularly.

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