Pool Patrol is always looking to expand its reach to make pools everywhere safer. We are an industry leader in pool alarms, and simply a no brainer when it comes to owning a pool. A great addition to any pool supply store, distributor, wholesaler, sporting goods store, home & garden, or hardware store, Pool Patrol pool alarms virtually sell themselves. Pool Patrol pool alarms are simple solution to a potentially catastrophic problem. The added benefit of simple installation with no modifications to the pool or pool deck, Pool Patrol is by far the easiest pool alarm available for consumers to use. Pool Patrol pool alarms are already available throughout the US, as well as several international locations. If you are a domestic pool supplier of any kind, or looking to bring pool safety to your country with Pool Patrol, fill out the form today and we will get back to you with more information on being a Pool Patrol supplier. The warm climates and pool filled areas of the southern United States such as Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, and more are great targets. In addition to domestic suppliers, Pool Patrol is also open to international distributors of pool alarms, including the hot weather areas of South Africa, Australia, South America, and Southern Europe. Anywhere there is a pool, there should also be a Pool Patrol to keep children and pets safe!

For information about becoming a dealer or distributor, simply fill out the form below and submit it. We will contact you to discuss the next steps and details to become a Pool Patrol Pool and Gate Alarm dealer or distributor.

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