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What is “Pool Patrol”?“Pool Patrol” is a lightweight, wireless, electronic unit that helps increase the safety of your swimming pool or spa. It is designed to alert you if a child, pet, or intruder enters into your pool. The PA-30 is only model that is available. The PA-30 includes the pool side unit and a remote receiver for inside the home. Once the unit is activated at pool side the remote is simultaneously activated inside the house, thereby doubling protection. The PA-30 also meets the requirements of ASTM Safety Specification F 2208.

How does the Pool Patrol alarm operate?“Pool Patrol” operates on a 9 volt alkaline battery (not included, but available at any drugstore or supermarket). The battery should be changed every season. The remote receiver operates off an AC/DC adapter. Both models of the swimming pool alarm have a low battery indicator. However, this does not replace the need to check your battery regularly.

How does the Pool Patrol increase pool safety?The Pool Patrol emits a warning alarm if children or pets fall into your pool. This alarm sounds out at the pool and in your home with the remote receiver (included with Model PA-30).

How does the Pool Patrol work?

The Pool Patrol floats on the pool surface and will activate when children or pets fall into the pool, creating a wave. When the wave touches the sensing ring of the pool alarm, the alarm is triggered, emitting a clear warning signal. The sensing ring is adjustable so that it can be controlled to activate only when an object the size of a child or pet falls into your pool.

What size pool does the Pool Patrol cover?The Pool Patrol is ideal for swimming pools that are smaller than 20′ x 40′. If you have a 20′ x 40′ pool or greater, you should consider purchasing another pool alarm for greater safety. If your pool is an “L” shape or “figure eight” shape you may also consider another alarm. The Pool Patrol comes with easy-to-use tie-down strings and hooks. This enables the Pool Patrol to be secured to the side of your pool. We also provide alarms for commercial pools, but those need to be quoted on an individual basis. Please contact Driven Designs for pricing and options.

Alarm Placement in Pool Diagramlarge pool alarm placement diagram

Why should you buy the Pool Patrol?The Pool Patrol will add an extra margin of safety to your swimming pool. It is easy to set up, convenient to use, and designed for many years of use. It is a must for every pool owner concerned with pool safety.

Can “Pool Patrol” be triggered with false alarms?There must be something or someone eight pounds or larger falling into the water to trigger the alarm. This feature will prevent most false alarms such as rain and wind. However, if you are aware of a storm it is advisable to decrease your sensitivity.

How loud is the alarm?The alarm sounds at an ear piercing one hundred decibels (85+ db) when triggered.

After the alarm has been triggered, how is it deactivated?After the alarm has been triggered, all floating units must be tilted on a ninety degree (90º) angle. As for the PA-30, the remote can be deactivated by simply turning off the remote; however, you must still tilt the floating unit.

Can my remote receiver be placed anywhere in my house?Possibly, the remote receiver should be placed within 200 feet from the pool alarm. It is best to place the receiver in a window facing the pool with no objects interfering in the way. Be sure to thoroughly test the activation of the receiver for the placement in the home.

Where should the alarm be placed?For your convenience, the “Pool Patrol” alarm includes tie down strings so that you may anchor your alarm in the pool. In addition, adhesive backed hooks are supplied which you may use or if you prefer, simply tie the strings to your ladder or diving board or whatever is most convenient for you. The alarm should be placed within arm’s length of the edge of the pool.

What is the Pool Patrol Gate Alarm?The Pool Patrol Door/Gate Alarm is intended to warn homeowners of potential unauthorized intrusions into unsupervised areas of their home and yard.

How does the Pool Patrol Gate Alarm work?The Pool Patrol Door/Gate alarm is activated via magnetic sensors. The GA-30 sounds an alarm at the point of entry and transmits an alarm to a remote receiver that may be placed as far away as 200 feet away from the alarm.

Why isn’t my gate alarm working?Before sending your gate alarm in for repair, follow these simple steps to ensure proper working order for your Pool Patrol Gate Alarm. Be sure the unit is installed at least 54″ above the threshold of the entrance you are trying to protect. Be sure to check that the battery is good every 90 days and ensure you’re only using a 9-volt alkaline battery. Please call 616-794-9977 for service information.

What kind of warranty does “Pool Patrol” offer?Two year warranty – parts and labor. Please contact manufacturer for all returns.

How can I keep my crawler hose from bumping into my alarm and setting it off?Place alarm in a position where the hose will not interfere with the alarm. You can use the included string kit to keep the alarm in a specific area of pool. You may also remove the alarm when pool crawler is working, however this is not recommended for safety reasons.

My neighbor has the same alarm. How can I keep mine from going off when their alarm does?

You will need to place the receiver in ID mode and train the transmitter to the receiver. See RECEIVER and Mode in the user manual.

How do I change the delay on my gate alarm?

Refer to the “Changing Delay Modes” in your Gate Alarm User Manual here.

Is this the “Danbury Marketing” swimming pool alarm?Yes, this is the same alarm sold by “Danbury Marketing”. In 2004, Driven Designs, Inc. purchased the manufacturing and tooling rights from Danbury Marketing and is currently manufacturing them under the same name “Pool Patrol”.

Why doesn’t my pool alarm trigger when my child enters the pool?The Pool Alarm is designed with adjustable sensitivity to trigger from water disturbances. Depending on the size of your child, the sensitivity settings may need to be adjusted. Please review the instructions that came with your pool alarm, or they can be viewed here.

Why doesn’t my pool alarm sound immediately?The sensitivity settings of the Pool Alarm determine just how much of a wave or disturbance is required to trigger the alarm. If the alarm is not sounding when desired, simply adjust the settings to make the Pool Patrol more sensitive. To adjust the settings, please see your instruction manual or click here.

Why does my pool alarm go off in the wind?The wind can create a wave large enough to trigger the Pool Patrol. If you live in a particularly windy area you may want to decrease the sensitivity of the Pool Patrol.

Why can’t I turn off the alarm sound?To turn off the in house receiver, simply turn it off and back on. In order to turn off the floating unit, the Pool Patrol must be tilted on a 90 degree angle to deactivate.

How long does the battery last?The Pool Patrol battery life is designed to last an entire season under normal operation. If the alarm is consistently getting false alarms, then the sensitivity settings should be adjusted in order to prevent the alarm going off unwanted. The pool alarm unit is equipped with a low battery indicator, however the battery should be checked regularly.

Why do I need to replace my battery frequently?If your pool alarm is going off more than necessary due to false alarms, then the battery will be drained more quickly. Reduce your sensitivity settings to avoid false alarms.

Can the pool alarm be used with a pool cover?The Pool Patrol pool alarm is designed to be free floating in a pool. A pool cover may interfere with its operation.

How large does the child have to be to trigger the pool alarm?An object, child, or pet 15 lbs or larger must fall into the pool to generate enough wave to activate the pool alarm. The Pool Patrol has adjustable sensitivity settings depending on the size of your child or pet.

Will the pool alarm work for my dog?As long as your pet is 15 lbs. or larger, then it can produce an adequate splash to activate the pool alarm.

Can the pool alarm differentiate between a child or pet and a pool fountain?Depending on how large the waves produced by the pool fountain are, the pool alarm could be triggered. Adjust your sensitivity to avoid false alarms.

Can the pool alarm be disabled at night?The Pool Patrol is active while in the pool. To deactivate at night, it must be removed.

Can the outside pool alarm be disabled from the in house receiver?The in house receiver alarm can be deactivated by turning off the receiver. In order to deactivate the floating pool alarm unit, the unit must be tilted 90 degrees.

How is the pool alarm installed?The pool alarm requires no modifications to your swimming pool or pool deck. Simply insert the battery, calibrate the pool alarms sensitivity settings, and place in the floating unit in the pool.

Does the pool alarm float freely or is attached?The Pool Patrol swimming pool alarm is designed to float freely throughout your swimming pool.

Does the pool alarm meet my state’s regulations and requirements?The Pool Patrol meets the requirements of ASTM Safety Specification F 2208, however you still should check with your local requirements.

Where is the pool patrol alarm made?The Pool Patrol is produced by Driven Designs in Michigan, USA.

How close to the pool alarm does the child or pet have to fall to trigger it?The Pool Patrol is designed to be triggered when any object 15 lbs. or larger falls into a pool up to 20’ x 40’, depending on your sensitivity settings, regardless of how far away the child or pet falls into the pool from the pool alarm.

Can the pool alarm work to frighten away unwanted ducks or geese?Unwanted ducks or geese may create a water disturbance large enough to activate the Pool Patrol swimming pool alarm.

How far away can the pool alarm be heard?There are many variables that will determine just how far away the pool alarms sound can be heard, but its 85+ decibels are quite loud and designed to be audible from an appropriate distance.

Are there permanent fixtures for the pool alarm?The Pool Patrol floating swimming pool alarm requires no permanent fixtures and no modifications to your pool or pool deck. Simply adjust the sensitivity and insert the pool alarm into the swimming pool.

Can the sensitivity of the pool alarm be adjusted?Absolutely! The Pool Patrol pool alarm is designed to have adjustable sensitivity, depending on the size of your pool, child, pet, and other factors such as waterfalls, fountains, and weather.

Will a spillover spa or waterfall set off the pool alarm?Anything that creates a splash or waves could potentially activate the pool alarm. Make sure to adjust your sensitivity settings in order to avoid false alarms. Review your instructions that came with your Pool Patrol, or click here.

Does the pool alarm work for in ground pools?The pool alarm floats freely in any body of water, and is designed to work with any type of pool up to 20’ x 40’ including in ground pools, above ground pools, spas, and more.

Does the pool alarm work for above ground pools?The Pool Patrol swimming pool alarm is ideal for above ground pools as no modifications are required to the pool side or pool deck. Simply calibrate the sensitivity settings and place the pool alarm in the above ground swimming pool.

How do you disable the alarm sound once it is triggered?Once the floating pool alarm is triggered, simply tilt it 90 degrees to deactivate.

Will rain set off the pool alarm?Depending on the severity of the rain or storm, weather, including wind and rain, are capable of creating a water disturbance large enough to activate the pool alarm. Adjust your sensitivity settings if you know of a large storm approaching.

Will the pool filter set off the pool alarm?Depending on the disturbances created by the pool filter, a false alarm could occur. Adjust your sensitivity settings in order to avoid false alarms. Please see the instruction manual that came with your pool alarm, or simply click here.

Does the pool patrol alarm comply with ASTM F 2208?Yes, the pool patrol swimming pool alarm meets all of the specifications of ASTM F 2208.

Will solar rings interfere with the pool alarm?Any objects, including solar rings, may interfere with the pool alarm if they create a large enough disturbance in the water. Adjust your sensitivity settings in order to avoid false alarms.