Pool and Gate Alarm Modifications

We can re-program any Pool Patrol Pool or Gate Alarm to meet your special safety requests. We do not recommend attempting to make changes yourself, as that will void the warranty and could lead to malfunctions that could result in injuries and a significantly less safe environment.

Most of our modifications are simple and inexpensive, however we are capable of a wide range of costume tweaks and invite you to submit any ideas you have. Upload a recognizable song, noise, or even your own voice proclaiming “STEP AWAY FROM THE POOL!”, whatever it is you would like! We enjoy providing you with a safe and fun pool environment for the entire family.

We’ll return your pool alarm to you following our standard testing for all products to ensure that it meets our high quality standards for all Pool Patrol products.

Possible Modifications for Pool Alarms

Possible Modifications for Gate Alarms

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