At Pool Patrol we strive to be your pool safety expert, which is why we created products that alert you of an incident during those times when you have to step away for a second. Pool Patrol pool alarms meet the requirements of ASTM Safety Specification F 2208. Our pool alarms and gate alarms provide the needed extra layer of protection for your children and pets. We have built a pool safety system that will sound an alarm when any gates are opened or if any children or pets happen to fall into the pool.

Download or print our Pool Patrol brochure or flyer to view a thorough summary of the features and information about our products.

Pool Patrol Products Brochure Pool Patrol Products Flyer

Our gate alarms sound when a gate is opened unexpectedly and is programmed to work with current security systems, making it an ideal addition to your current security system.

Our pool alarms were built to be long lasting and come with a built in sensitivity control, which ensures that it won’t go off every time someone walks into the pool. Each pool alarm goes through several inspections before it is ready to be sold, limiting the possibilities for defects that could potentially result in a less safe environment.

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